Product Engineer

Company Name:
Permanent Solution Staffing / PSS Recruiting
Position Summary:
Manage and develop departmental processes and procedures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness (Sales Engineering & OEM). Design products to customer specifications, while adhering to industry standards. Perform design reviews to ensure accuracy and completeness. Continually enhance designs using the latest design software and materials to deliver a highly engineered, cost competitive product of superior quality. Provide mentorship to junior Product Engineers to share institutional knowledge and enhance the collective engineering capabilities of the department.
Responsible for the effective management of Product Engineering principle directives (Sales Engineering & OEM).
Demonstrate support for company programs through words and actions.
Maintain fair and consistent application of all Company policies and procedures.
Train new engineers to perform daily functions effectively.
Resolve technical product and design issues.
Interact successfully with customers (both internal and external) to understand technical requirements and resolve issues.
Interact successfully with vendors and service providers to understand technical requirements and resolve issues.
Complete assigned design and technical development projects independently.
Prepare technical drawings.
Determine labor estimates and develop labor estimating standards.
Source new parts to vendors.
Run prototype parts through manufacturing.
Design and quote in-scope and all out-of-scope engineered designs.
Perform review of in-scope engineered and standard designs.
Provide interdepartmental Product Engineering support.
Perform other duties as directed by the Product Engineering Manager and/or the Lead Product Engineer.
Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent, in Mechanical Engineering)

5 years minimum industry or relevant engineering experience
Pipe stress analysis and finite element analysis experience preferred
Experience working with piping systems or pressure vessels preferred
Experience with metal fabrication, assembly process, welding, and/or metal forming preferred
Experience with product testing and failure analysis preferred
Extensive mechanical and technical proficiency.
Effective and detail oriented project management skills.
In depth knowledge of all relevant industry practices and standards.
Strong administrative computer skills (e.g. Microsoft Office).
Proficiency with 3-D CAD & modeling programs (e.g. Solidworks).
Computer programming competency preferred (e.g. Visual Basic).
Ability to read precision measuring devices.
Good communication and decision making abilities.
Developed analytical and problem solving abilities.
Meticulous planning and organizational abilities.
Able to self-manage and self-motivate effectively.
Recognize and promote high quality products and deliverables.
Maintain a customer focus in all duties and directives.
Strong adaptability and flexibility traits.
Effective internal and external relationship management abilities.
Strong technical and interpersonal communication (spoken and written).
Strong business ethics and values.
Aggressively maintains integrity and trustworthiness.

Don't Be Fooled

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